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Australia opens for the students and aspiring youth with opportunities to travel the mesmerizing island by obtaining an Australian working holiday visa. It allows to enjoy and unravel the unparalleled beauty of this country. Due to its unmatchable temperature, unique wildlife, friendly locals, mouth-watering local cuisine, outstanding wine and amicable attitude that Australia is ranked amongst the top most visited destinations in the world. A large number of young travellers trip to Australia with the working holiday visa.

The reason why people want to visit the country is to experience beauty of hundreds of beaches or to witness some of the international tournaments and sporting competitions. The country has world famous sports personalities and athletes who visit the country to participate in international competitions known throughout the world. Working Holiday Visa helps you to explore the beautiful country and also seek employment that will support your living in the country and visiting different places as well. Check out the basic requirements needed to fetch the Australian working holiday visa:

Eligibility for Australian Working Holiday Visa:

·         Be aged between 18 and 30 years of age and unaccompanied by dependent children

·         Be an eligible passport holder with at least 6 months until renewal on their passport

·         Be able to show sufficient funds for a return or onward fare and an adequate amount of funds for the first part of their stay

·         Be of good character and meet the health criteria.


Duration of the Visa:

The Working Holiday visa or sub class 462 allows you to make primary entry into Australia no later than 12 months from the date that the visa was granted. The visa permits you to stay in Australia 12 months from the date that you first enter Australia. You may leave and re-enter Australia as many times as you wish during your 12 month stay. However, if you depart Australia during your 12 month stay you are not able to recover the period of time you have spent outside Australia.

Work Conditions for the Visa Holders

Australian Working Holiday visa holders are permitted to do any kind of work of a temporary or casual nature. The main purpose of the visa is holiday and travel, so work for longer than 6 months with any one employer is not allowed.

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