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Nursing the desire to immigrate to Canada? Well, then understanding the Federal Skilled Workers Program will help you know some of the compulsory nuances that are needed to be able to apply for immigration as a permanent resident. You need to qualify in one of the federal programs in order to be eligible to be ranked by a Comprehensive Ranking System after applying through the Express Entry Online Profile. The Federal Skilled Workers Program is one such approved program. If you meet the criterion of this program then you will be placed in a pool of candidates to be ranked by the Comprehensive Ranking System.


In order to be able to be selected under the Express Entry system to be able to apply for immigration as a permanent resident you need to meet the prerequisites of being a Federal Skilled worker. You need to meet the requirements in terms of age, education, work and other qualifications in the purview of the local Canadian languages. 

The conditions to be able to qualify as a Federal Skilled Worker are explicitly mentioned below-

The Two mandatory requirements are –

  • There are 347 eligible occupations listed under the applicable National Occupational Classification system. One has to show a no gap full time work experience which is paid for at least a year or should provide proofs for continuous no gap part time employment in the span of last ten years.
  • There are different classifications of skill levels namely - Managerial Occupations or Skill Type 0, Professional Occupations or Skill Level A and Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades or Skill Level B. The work experience that you show should fall under any of these categories only.

Other prerequisites are-

  • One needs to obtain a minimum of 67 points in the point grid of the skilled worker program which encompasses six selection criteria
  • Score well in a language test which is normally conducted by a third party which is deemed authoritative by the Canadian authorities namely Canadian Language Benchmark 7. One needs to exhibit at least a proficiency level of intermediate expertise in either English or French.
  • Need to have and prove financial stability in order to settle down as a permanent
  • Need to have a clearance from the medical examinations that are conducted. In addition, you need to be given a clean chit by the agencies performing a background check for security reasons.